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Why Voortman

Automated production process



Our production site in the Netherlands boasts a production capacity of over 30,000 tonnes. A high-quality production process enables us to guarantee short lead times and low production costs. In order to demonstrate the quality of products and services delivered, we are certified in accordance with NEN EN 1090-1 (CE marking) up to EXC4 and NEN EN ISO 3834-2.


Our production facilities are equipped with a fully automated range of machinery from our sister company Voortman Steel Machinery. This machinery is controlled directly from the 3D model, after which our certificated specialist crews go on to assemble and weld the parts. Our welding coordination personnel – who boast extensive knowledge to IWE level – assess the stated requirements in preparation and go on to elaborate them. Quality checks are conducted throughout the production process to ensure that the product delivered complies with these requirements. That is how we assure weld quality.


Our modern production facilities enable us to produce large volumes with a short throughput time. The Voortman Fabricator, a fully automated welding system, makes a significant contribution to this. The Fabricator enables non-stop production to be run, thus increasing production capacity and guaranteeing high weld quality.

The Fabricator is of course designed and manufactured by Voortman Steel Machinery. The system consists of a basic frame, three welding robots and a single handling robot. An overhead crane places the steel beams in the devices known as section rotators, which can rotate the beam through 270°. A shuttle delivers the plates to the robots, which measure the section and then weld the plates to the beam. This welding system offers major benefits, such as:

  • Consistently high weld quality
  • Predictable and traceable weld results (important factors in the context of certification)
  • Reduced error rate
  • Increased production capacity
  • Non-stop production capability
  • Full production process automation thanks to links with other systems
  • Mitigating the increasing shortage of skilled welding personnel


Many thousands of tonnes of steel ship from our production sites every year. In order to enable the process to run as efficiently as possible, we also offer transport services throughout Europe and beyond, both overland and via sea freight. We work in close collaboration with internationally-oriented transports companies and ship our products in containers, open trucks or tilts.


Please get in touch with us by calling telephone number: +31 (0)548 539 000 or via e-mail address: