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Why Voortman




Multistorey car parks we build in close collaboration with EZ Park require a relatively short build time. We build several multistorey car parks every year as supply chain partners. Our long-term partnership with all the parties involved contributes to increasingly rapid and efficient progress of the build process.


The manufacturing time of the steel structure plays an important role in a build process such as this. Accordingly, we endeavour to keep it as short as possible. Our modern production facilities enable us to produce large volumes with a short throughput time. The Voortman Fabricator, a fully automated welding system, makes a significant contribution to this. The Fabricator enables non-stop production to be run, thus increasing production capacity and guaranteeing high weld quality. This further shortens the manufacturing time for the steel structure and consequently the build time for the multistorey car park.


We will design a customised multistorey car park in 3D BIM based on one of our models. All project information is shared via this model, which results in a more rapid and efficient build process. You lay down the safety and quality requirements, the layout and other appearance features. We will create an appropriate design on this basis plus a summary or the associated investment costs. We will ensure that the multistorey car park fits in with the surroundings and the location.