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Why Voortman

Flexible system



An above-ground multistorey car park provides a great deal of flexibility. It can be laid out at will, easily extended and can even be re-used. This means that the module you have chosen can grow with your organisation or can be relocated with you to your new business site.


We will design a customised multistorey car park in 3D BIM based on one of our models. You lay down the quality requirements (in terms of safety for example), the layout and other appearance features. We will create an appropriate design on this basis plus a summary or the associated investment costs. We will also ensure that the multistorey car park fits in with the surroundings and the location. We will not lose sight of the end user in this: our multistorey car parks offer maximum user convenience and optimum safety.


A demountable multistorey car park consists of various standard steel or concrete elements which are assembled on site. Using these elements offers the necessary flexibility: the multistorey cark park can be easily extended, altered or even relocated, in which the steel and concrete are re-used. Our working method contributes to the re-use of steel. By assembling the elements of our steel structures without welding, we can also disassemble them again on site. This enables the steel to be re-used. Moreover, steel is fully recyclable too: after dismantling, the components are suitable for re-use as a building element.