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Why Voortman

Project Management



We work in close collaboration with our supply chain partners (such as groundworks contractors and construction and installation contractors) for project delivery. In order to enable the build process to proceed as efficiently as possible, we already involve them at an early stage in the build process. Our project coordinator is responsible for proper coordination between the various parties.


Once the purchase contract has been signed, our project team – consisting of a project coordinator, a draughtsman and a work planner – start on implementation. Project preparation starts at the same time as the permit application. Good preparation is a job half done is also applicable here. We advise our client on the design and resolve any potential bottlenecks already in the preliminary process, while the permit drawing is being created.


The way we work and the use of prefab systems enables us to guarantee a short build time. We are familiar with government rules and we design your build plan so it will fit in with the local authority’s land-use plan. In this way, we are able to expedite permit procedures smoothly, thus saving time and expense. Our own engineering department enables us to confer rapidly in house and make changes in the design at once. We strive for a perfect final completion so you can occupy your business premises without delay. That is why the build phase has several interim completion points. We implement any changes directly on the job.