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We advise, design, supply and if required, we install products to connect reefer containers. Voortman Steel Construction supplies these products to container terminals all over the world. Our product range consists of reefer racks, reefer safety tunnels and high-mast lightings.

Reefer Racks

The objective of a reefer rack is to provide stacked reefer containers (refrigerated containers) with power in a safe and easy way. A reefer rack can be built up in various ways. Depending on your logistics plan and the infrastructure on site, we map out your wishes and make a suitable design. Furthermore, we have developed a modular reefer rack concept which has a flexible lay-out, is dismantable and can easily be extended. This means that the design you have chosen can grow with your business or can be moved to another site.

Reefer Safety Tunnels

The objective of a reefer safety tunnel is to provide safe access to the reefer racks. In this way, personnel of the container terminal does not have to cross the stacking area, where unsafe situations may occur. Our reefer safety tunnels are containers which have been adjusted into tunnel elements. By connecting these tunnel elements, a safe passage for your personnel is created. The tunnels have been designed in such a way that your reefer containers can be simply placed on top.

High-mast lighting

A steel lattice mast with ladder and platform for the assembly of devices. The high-mast lighting is a three-sided lattice, conically shaped and made in sections of six metres. At the masthead, a square platform is provided. Additional line protection at 50 centimetres from the gratings. On the inside of the mast a ladder is provided, which runs as fall arrester.

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Our production site in the Netherlands boasts a production capacity of over 30,000 tonnes. A high-quality production process enables us to guarantee short lead times and low production costs. In order to demonstrate the quality of products and services delivered, we are certified in accordance with NEN EN 1090-1 (CE marking) up to EXC4 and NEN EN ISO 3834-2.

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We do of course carry out the projects we take on with the greatest possible care, entirely under our own management. We draw up a customised action plan for every project in order to identify opportunities for optimisation and any potential risks. We set up the build processes as efficiently as possible. This results in a project to a high-quality standard delivered within the agreed schedule. The project manager responsible conducts the entire process and involves the right staff and knowhow. We coordinate all processes from design up to and including completion seamlessly with one another.

Export, Delivery and transport

You can also decide to carry out assembly works yourself. Voortman Steel Construction produces and supplies reefer racks to third parties all over the world. Many reefer racks are shipped from our production site on a yearly basis. In order to deliver them as efficiently as possible, we also offer transport solutions both for inland and ocean freight. We cooperate closely with international transport companies and ship our products in containers, by open or tilt transport.


In case you will assemble the reefer racks yourself, we think it is important you do this as efficiently as possible. That is why we offer the possibility to have one of our supervisors on site, who will support you during the assembly works.

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