Voortman Steel Construction supplies and assembles steel structures.

Voortman Steel Construction designs, produces and installs steel structures for non-residential, industrial, system building, renovation en supply. The entire process, from design to delivery, is carried out under own management. With our modern production facilitie, we have more than 30,000 tons production capacity at our disposal. It contains high-quality drilling/sawing systems, punch/cutting system, a layout marking system, profile ravel system, plate drilling/cutting systems and a profile bench machine. Thus we are able to produce high-quality, large and heavy steel constructions.

Steel qualities:

Steel structures are available in various types and grades. These qualities emerge by using different production methods. Some examples are:

  • Hot rolled steel: this steel is manufactured hot in which the roller skin/roller layer is still on it. Flat steel is supplied with a rounded corner, profiles with a sharp corner.
  • Cold rolled steel: the profiles are formed cold. Flat steel is supplied with a rounded corner, profiles with a sharp corner. Among other tubes and pipes.
  • Steel expanded metal mesh: with this method, plate material is incised in some way and then pulled apart, creating a kind of wire mesh of hard steel.
  • Blank steel: blank steel is almost the same as hot rolled, with the only difference that the material has a flat finish so it's easier to work with. Staff profiles, among other things, are manufactured from this. This steel can also be supplied as hot rolled.

Benefits of steel:

  • Freedom in architecture
  • Lots of options for urban development planning
  • Lots of processing and transformation options
  • Many steel types and qualities
  • Long-term protection against corrosion
  • Lightweight
  • High construction speed
  • Less environmental pollution
  • Also building on tight, enclosed locations (city-centre)
  • Also on bad surfaces
  • Also on existing foundations
  • Also for adding, inserting, attaching, covering and other forms of intensive use of space

Photo impression of steel constructions:

voortman steel constructie staalconstructie 01
voortman steel constructie staalconstructie 02
voortman steel constructie staalconstructie 03
voortman steel constructie staalconstructie 04
voortman steel constructie staalconstructie 05
voortman steel constructie staalconstructie 06
voortman steel constructie staalconstructie 07
voortman steel constructie staalconstructie 08

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