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Nieuws - 05 April, 2022

Construction business premises for Ty-Le Asian Delights has started

A few weeks ago, the first pile for the new Ty-Le Asian Delights business premises was driven into the ground in Den Hoorn. Due to the growth of the company, this producer of Asian snacks needs new accommodation and therefore commissioned Voortman Design and Build for the construction of a production hall with office space.


Voortman Design and Build delivers the shell of the production facility, which consists of various conditioned areas. We also take care of the finishing of the office part and we coordinate the installation work. The hot and cold preparation areas for the production of foods require specific installations. The building will be built 'box-in-box'; after we have delivered the thermal shell of the building, the cold store supplier installs the cold storage and freezing cells inside. The building also has packaging space for unloading trucks.


When laying the foundation, special attention was paid to the freezing cell, which will be located lower than the rest of the production hall. In order to meet the HACCP requirements for food safety, the floor of the production hall is laid on a slope, so that it can be properly cleaned and disinfected. The special HACCP floor coating and tiles ensure that the floor is impermeable to liquids, so that they do not affect the substrate and foundation of the building.


The building was designed by 4D Architects and has a total area of 1,200 square meters. It consists of two floors: a business hall on the ground floor with office space above. A characteristic feature of the building is the expanded metal on the facade, which gives it a beautiful appearance. Voortman Design and Build provided the main calculations for the steel structure. When engineering the steel structure, we included additional steel and the support for the installation components, such as the heating and cooling units.