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Nieuws - 08 December, 2021

Unique canopy at Eindhoven Airport

Together with our partner EZ Park we constructed a 400 metres canopy at Eindhoven Airport. This covered passageway ensures that passengers will stay dry as they walk to and from the plane.


Because of the large number of visitors at the airport during the day, our assembly team has been working on the canopy during night-time hours. After the last plane had landed, the mechanics went to work – from around half past eleven until half past five the next morning. The day-to-day operations at the airport were therefore hardly affected by the construction work. Strict safety requirements applied to the activities at the airport.


The steel pillars of the canopy have been placed on a foundation of piles, because of the weight of the steel structure and the wind load. Hundreds of holes were drilled for this, which have been filled with concrete. Transparent plastic sheets are mounted on the top of the canopy and the walls consist of perforated steel sheets. Reusable materials make the canopy suitable for circular construction.


The unique design of the canopy includes Vincent van Gogh, PSV and technology and innovations from the Brainport region, which makes it an appealing showpiece for the region. Meanwhile, the canopy is almost ready.