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Nieuws - 02 November, 2021

Construction UAS Leiden is making good progress

Construction on the Leiden University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Campus is in full swing. The school building is extended with a six-storey wing. A few weeks ago, our assembly team started its activities here. Assigned by construction consortium J.P. van Eesteren and Croonwolter&dros, we provide the complete building shell.


This means we install the prefab concrete walls that ensure the stability of the building, assemble the steel structure and lay the storey floors. We first assemble the concrete walls and the steel structure. After that, we lay the hollowcore concrete slab floors, which are then poured with concrete. When the floor is stable enough to place equipment such as aerial work platforms on it, we move on to the next floor. The construction work is proceeding according to a tight schedule, with a floor being completed every two weeks.


One of the challenges of this project is that the University will be in use during construction. This means that we must reduce noise nuisance to a minimum, especially during the test weeks. Furthermore, space on the construction site is limited, something we have to take into account when deploying and storing equipment and materials.


An atrium connects the new wing with the rear of the existing buildings of the university. On the outside, the new building is connected seamlessly with the existing building. The new building has an area of 9,600 square meters and will be taken into use at the end of next year.