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Nieuws - 13 September, 2021

Successful completion of Europe’s most modern PVC factory

After a construction period of fifteen months, Europe's most modern PVC factory for PlastChem in Hardenberg was completed at the end of July. PlastChem develops and produces PVC compounds for the plastics processing industry. The new factory consists of offices, a laboratory wing and a production hall. The construction team led by Voortman Design & Build delivered this prestigious project on schedule.


The integration of the process installation in the production hall was one of the main challenges of this project. The process formed the basis for the design of the building. In the design phase, the production hall has been virtually constructed in detail. The BIM model of the process installation was implemented in the architectural model. In this way, we were able to adjust potential bottlenecks in advance. When placing the process installation, it fitted seamlessly into the building. As a result, the placement went much faster than expected, resulting in a time saving of about three weeks!


In addition to the complete architectural realization of the building, Voortman Design & Build coordinated the installation work and the infrastructure construction. The implementation was in the hands of installation companies Brusche and Engberink Technische Installaties and infrastructure party NTP Groep. These activities also went smoothly thanks to good communication and short lines between the parties.


In collaboration with the interior architect of the project, we also took care of the complete finishing of the offices and the laboratory. To ensure the real 'wow effect' for our customer, we have applied a loft with atrium, large-format photo wallpaper, relief tiling and a tailor-made interior.


Mister Sonnega, director/owner of PlastChem, says: “I experienced the collaboration as a partnership that can be best described as 'building smart together'. The Voortman team thought along with us all the time. When identifying a problem, they immediately came up with a solution, approached from the customer's point of view, which meant that they took the costs into account. The end result is stunningly beautiful! I am also very satisfied with the finishing, even though our demands were really high. Voortman has achieved an excellent performance with this project. They involved the right people and at the same time remained in charge themselves and kept oversight.”