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Nieuws - 12 July, 2021

Main building Zuidbroek takes shape

With the assembly of the 2,000 tonnes steel structure, the main building of the nitrogen plant in Zuidbroek will take shape in the coming weeks. Our assembly team has recently started work on this building.


The steel structure contains a number of exceptional joints, in which plastic plates have been incorporated as cathodic protection to prevent corrosion. At the end of August, our assembly team will complete its work on the building. They will then start assembly of the steel structures of several smaller process buildings. At the same time, all parts on site will then be connected to each other via piping and cables.


In April, the three distillation columns which form the heart of the nitrogen installation, were installed. These have a height of 65 meters. With the construction of the main building, the factory is now increasingly taking on its final appearance, as it will have upon completion early next year.


In order to reduce gas extraction in the province of Groningen to zero, (imported) high-calorific gas is used. This is made suitable for domestic use by adding nitrogen. In order to be able to meet the necessary capacity, the nitrogen installation is currently being expanded.