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Nieuws - 12 July, 2021

Transformation residential tower The Minister takes shape

The former Winston Churchill Tower in Rijswijk is being transformed from an office building into a modern residential tower with around 310 apartments. The residential complex will be named The Minister. For this project we supply and mount the various steel structures and the steel sheet-concrete floors.


In order to widen the building, it will be given a new load-bearing outer shell with a steel structure. We also supply steel structures for the addition of three stories and for the reinforcement of the concrete hull. We supply and assemble the steel roof structure for the solar panels on the parking garage as well.


The existing office building is more than 70 meters high and consists of a cast-in-situ concrete construction. In order to realize larger apartments, the existing building will be provided with bay windows and balconies. That is why the facade is reinforced all around by means of a steel structure, which is now mounted halfway. The top of the building consists of three new residential floors. In addition to the steel, we also install the steel sheet-concrete floors for these stories. Finally, we place an installation screen on the roof of the building.


  • Number of stories: 25
  • Floor surface: 33,500 square meters
  • Activities:
    • Supply and assembly steel structures residential tower, three-storey-addition and roof structure parking garage
    • Supply and assembly steel sheet-concrete floors
    • Fitting installation screen
  • Details:
    • High-rise
    • Building in urban area