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Nieuws - 29 June, 2021

Sustainable roof structure for provincial government building

At one of the busiest points in The Hague, near the place where the A12 enters the city, our assembly team has been working on the steel roof structure of the main building of the provincial government in recent weeks.


The building, which was completed in 1975, was in need of modernisation. During the renovation it will be made more sustainable. When finished the building will be climate neutral, also due to the installation of solar panels and thermal energy storage (TES) in the ground. The renovated provincial government building will be ready in early 2022.


The third floor of the provincial government building has been replaced by a new, sustainable roof structure. This filters natural light into the building and at the same time keeps direct sunlight out. The steel structure for the roof weighs no less than 200 tons. That is why the existing building was first reinforced, after which the steel structure could be mounted. These activities have now been completed. Later this year we will mount the canopy and entrance of the building.