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Nieuws - 03 June, 2021

Special working method for construction top Zalmhaven

The construction of De Zalmhaven in Rotterdam is at an advanced stage. With a height of 180 meters, the part containing the residential floors is ready. Now it is the turn of the Voortman team, which is responsible for the assembly of the top of the building.


They will assemble the steel structure and the steel-sheet concrete floors of the stories 57 to 62. These will house a combined restaurant, bar and viewpoint. At the corners the floors are 8 meters high and provided with glass for a spectacular view. Above the restaurant is the engine room containing a large part of the technology of the sustainable residential tower. The twelve meter high mast on top brings the total height of the building to 215 meters.


The self-lifting building shed is used for the assembly of floors 57 to 59. This shed climbs to a final height of 187 meters. The top construction of the tower, from floors 60 to 62, is jacked up from the roof of the building shed. As a result, the assembly of these floors takes place in reverse order. Our assembly team starts with the roof, facades and floors of story 62. As soon as these are ready, they are jacked up. The roof beams of the underlying story are then attached to the floors and work continues downwards. This special working method was taken into account in the design of the steel structure.


The Zalmhaven is a spectacular new-build project in the heart of Rotterdam. The project was developed by Zalmhaven CV, a partnership between area and real estate developer AM and (area) developer and investment manager Amvest. The realization of the project is in the hands of BAM Bouw en Techniek – Special Projects.