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Nieuws - 22 June, 2021

Successful cooperation during construction for Twence

Construction consortium Van Wijnen-Voortman is currently building three new halls on the site of waste processing company Twence in Hengelo. In 2019, a major fire destroyed a large part of the halls where the GFT waste processing takes place. For this project, Voortman Steel Construction is taking care of the elaboration of the structural design, the supply and assembly of the steel structure, the roofing and the roof and wall cladding.


Last spring, Voortman received an engineering assignment to convert the design into a technical design. This was a matter of urgency, because construction had to start already at the end of August, due to the expiry of the permit for the temporary halls. Various parties were involved in the design process and different interests played a role. Together with building contractor Van Wijnen from Eibergen, we were able to shape the project within the set time.


We also faced the necessary challenges in the implementation phase, including in the field of assembly. The hall for the collection of organic waste remained in full operation during the construction period. The first hall was built in only six weeks and was ready just in time for the installations to be relocated from the temporary hall. Our engineers also had to continuously switch quickly, because during construction the reinforcement of the existing halls was discussed. They had to take into account the snow load, because the new halls are built against the lower existing halls and snow can accumulate here. In the implementation we reuse materials, such as doors and cladding, as much as possible. We reinforce the steel in the existing buildings where possible, instead of replacing it.


The driving force behind this dynamic project is the construction consortium. Moreover, Twence not only functions as a client, but is also part of the construction team itself. It is only by acting together that we are able to get everything organized within the set time. The construction of the other two halls is currently in full swing. We expect to complete the project before the summer.