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Nieuws - 15 February, 2021

Our SCC-P certification has been renewed again

Recently, an audit took place at our organization for the recertification for SCC Petrochemical (SCC-P). This is the highest certification level within SCC. With a great result: we have been recertified as a company, in accordance with the new SCC 2017 / 6.0 standard.


SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) is a proven programme in which various sectors of Dutch industry have combined their knowledge and experience in the field of health and safety at work. The SCC-Petrochemical certificate is intended for contractors who work for clients in the (petro)chemical and offshore industry. A large part of the work here has an increased risk, among others because of working with hazardous substances.

SCC has three levels of certification: SCC*, SCC** and SCC Petrochemical. Our clients in the (petro)chemical and offshore industry require the SCC-Petrochemical certificate, the highest level of certification. We are one of the few steel construction companies with an SCC-P certification, with which we can demonstrate that our employees master the standards for safety, health and environment in the performance of their work.