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Nieuws - 15 December, 2020

New large movie theatre in the heart of Enschede

In the former post office in Enschede a new movie theatre will open its doors at the beginning of 2022. The Enschede branch of Nijhuis Bouw and Voortman Steel Construction work together on the realisation of a concept with a large movie theatre with nine cinemas, catering facilities and retail.


Nijhuis Enschede approached Voortman for a partnership for this project. We thought along about the materials to be used and provided technical advice on the roof and wall cladding and assembly. Next to the cladding, we supply and mount the steel structure and the concrete hollow core slab floors. After a long permit process, the design was approved and the environmental permit issued in July of this year.


The four-storey office wing has already been restyled and partly taken into use. The new construction of the movie theatre started last week. At the rear of the former post office there will be a new part containing four cinemas. The other five cinemas are located on the second floor of the building. The construction at an inner-city location presents the necessary challenges, such as proper coordination of the placement of the construction cranes. We will start our activities at the end of March.