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Nieuws - 28 October, 2020

New storage shed for EBS in the port of Rotterdam

In the Europoort in Rotterdam, European Bulk Services B.V. (EBS) exploits a terminal for the storage and transhipment of agribulk. To increase its storage capacity here, EBS commissioned Züblin Civiele Betonbouw for the construction of a new bulk storage shed. Voortman Steel Construction provides the steel structure, the roof and wall cladding and the steel-sheet concrete flooring system for the project.


The shed has a capacity of approximately 50,000 m2 and consists of concrete storage bunkers with a steel roof structure on top and a so-called tripper corridor, in which a conveyor belt equipped with a tripping system is placed. This system distributes the product over the compartments of the shed. At the front of the storage bunkers there will be a corridor, consisting of a steel structure covered with cladding. Challenges in this project included the tolerances for the steel-concrete connection and the weathertightness of the shed.


Züblin recently completed the concrete construction of the bulk storage shed, after which we started our work on the other parts. These are:

  • For the roof of the bulk storage shed: steel structure and roof cladding
  • For the tripper corridor: steel structure, steel-sheet concrete flooring system and roof and wall cladding
  • For the corridor at the front of the shed: steel structure and roof and wall cladding.

During the works EBS’s operational activities at the terminal will continue as usual.


European Bulk Services (EBS) B.V. is a bulk terminal operator with two terminals in the port of Rotterdam and a fleet of floating cranes. The company’s main activities are the loading, unloading, storage and transhipment of dry bulk products such as minerals, agri and biomass products. EBS handles approximately 12 million tonnes of products annually.