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Nieuws - 04 June, 2020

Construction new business premises for Pajuk Optiek has started

After a two-year preparation process, the Design & Build department started with the groundwork for the new building for Pajuk Optiek at the end of May. The result of this intensive process with the contractor and architect is a commercial building that fully meets the wishes of our client.


The first contact of Pajuk Optiek with Voortman Steel Construction went via our online hall configurator, a design and calculation program for commercial buildings. This first design formed the basis for further talks between Voortman and Pajuk, during which the client's requirements and wishes were discussed in detail.


Various designs were subsequently reviewed. Architect George Popinceanu is responsible for the final design. In close consultation with him, Voortman took care of the structural design. One of the main features of the building is its modern, open appearance. Customers are received here and informed about the latest trends in eyewear and spectacle frames.


The new commercial building consists of a showroom, offices and a storage and expedition hall. The ambition for the building is to meet the requirements for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings. Voortman takes care of the majority of the work and coordinates the entire construction process.


Pajuk Optiek is a wholesaler in eyeglass frames and sunglasses with various brands, including its own brand. The company was founded in 1921 and today it is owned by the fourth and fifth generations. Pajuk Optiek supplies to opticians in among others the Benelux, Germany, Denmark and the Balkan countries.