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Nieuws - 14 April, 2020

Circular steel structure for new office building

With the objective to make the Dutch building production completely circular before 2050, more and more projects are set up for recycling of materials or even complete buildings. An appealing example is the recently delivered office building ‘Bouwdeel D(emontabel)’ (Building section Demountable). This is a modern, sustainable and completely demountable building in the centre of Delft (NL), developed by architectural firm cepezed.



The dimensions of Building section D(emountable) are 11 by 21.5 metres and it has four levels of approximately 200 metres floor area. The building section is not only dismountable, but also super lightweight: the use of materials is reduced to an absolute minimum. Voortman Steel Construction is responsible for the engineering, production and assembly of the prefabricated and optimised main structure. At the end of its period of use, it can be quickly and easily disassembled.


To keep the facade as transparent as possible, the building has no frames. The double-layer insulating glass is mounted directly on the steel structure. For this reason, the steel structure is provided with welded screw profiles. As a steel builder we therefore had to comply with the very limited tolerances of the facade builder, which was no small task.


The complete supporting structure of steel skeleton and wooden floors was completed in just three weeks. This was possible, among other things, by an integral process with thorough preparation and by prefabrication of the construction. cepezedbouwteam coordinated the implementation. Since Voortman Steel Construction and cepezed collaborated before on the construction of the town hall Westland, they formed a well attuned team.