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Nieuws - 26 March, 2020

Reducing failure costs with our steel designs

In order to ensure that parties involved in a BIM process work together as efficiently as possible, the BIM basis Information Delivery Specification has been drawn up. At the end of 2017, Voortman was the first steel construction company to join BIM basis IDS.


The BIM basis IDS answers the question how we can exchange information in the building industry in a structured and unambiguous way. So that everyone knows how information should be provided and where it can be found. In the BIM basis IDS we record things like exchange format, basic structure, naming and security of the object information. In addition, it is important that the data is logical, consistent and transparent. This method prevents mistakes and contributes to more efficient cooperation.


All our steel designs now demonstrably comply with the BIM basis IDS. By applying model checkers and rule sets, we guarantee the quality of our models. BIM coordinator André Robers: “As Voortman Steel Construction, we see that our steel models for all chain partners contribute to reducing failure costs.”