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Nieuws - 31 January, 2020

Hurdle nitrogen law passed quickly for construction project Ordelman & Dijkman

The fact that a Dutch construction project is suspended because of the nitrogen law, is no longer news. The construction of the new production facility for Ordelman & Dijkman Installaties B.V. seemed to suffer the same fate. Until…


Ordelman & Dijkman B.V., part of the Van Losser Installatiegroep, applied for an environmental permit for the construction of a 1,500 square meters production hall with several facilities, such as a canteen. During this permit procedure, construction activities were halted. However, after Voortman provided the right data and took the necessary measurements, the environmental permit was issued. And this within only two weeks.


As the Association of Provincial Authorities – the umbrella organisation of the provinces – communicated in October 2019, provinces issue authorisations for construction projects again if the applier can demonstrate that the amount of nitrogen does not rise due to the realisation of the project. Based on the supplementary information and measurements, Voortman Steel Construction could indeed demonstrate that nitrogen emissions can be reduced by investing in a new building. And as a result, the province issued the environmental permit.


The construction activities have recently started again. The new production hall will be provided with sustainable installations, of course produced by the company Ordelman & Dijkman itself, a ground heat pump and solar panels. In this hall, installation components will be prefabricated. Since these are supplied prefabricated on the construction site, they can be mounted quickly.


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