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Nieuws - 07 November, 2019

A ‘weighty’ project: Willinkplein in Emmen (NL)

Together with construction company Akor from Rijssen, Voortman Steel Construction is currently working on the extension of a parking garage with commercial spaces, bars and restaurants and a hotel on top. The location is the Willink square in the city centre of Emmen (NL). Voortman was involved in this challenging project at an early stage.


The building is supported by the new parking garage and a part of the existing one. The latter is extended underground with about 5,000 m2 and two new entrances. The underground extension is completely executed in prefab concrete; the superstructure consists of a steel structure with prefab hollow core slabs. Project manager Jan Lubbers: “The ground floor of the building alone consists of 275 tonnes of steel. In the overhang over the entrance of the parking garage HE1000M-profiles have been used. Because of the reach of the crane, these consist of two parts of 18 tonnes each.” The complete steel structure weighs more than 900 tonnes. Since the steel structure has many fixed-moment connections, the number of wind braces has been reduced to a minimum. This leaves the commercial spaces open, with a flexible lay-out. The Voortman mounting team not only assembles the steel structure, but also mounts the approximately 9,000 m2 prefab hollow core slabs.


One of the main challenges in this project were the logistics. Because of its location between an existing apartment building and a traffic tunnel, space on the building site is limited. In consultation with the municipality, this traffic tunnel is closed at specific times, so the trucks with building materials can make use of it. Furthermore, there is only space for one construction crane, which has been positioned right in the middle of the site.


The steel structure and the floors of the commercials spaces are nearly mounted. The Voortman Steel Construction team is currently working on the assembly of the six-story hotel. A fire-resistant primer is applied to the steel for the hotel and the complete steel structure is provided with a fire-resistant coating on site. Concrete and steel are being mounted simultaneously during the construction of the hotel. The coordination of these activities between Akor and Voortman runs smoothly. “This is also due to the flexible attitude of both parties, which strive together to meet the agreed schedule”, thinks project manager Jan Lubbers. The building shell has to be finished by the end of 2019, after which the completion of the shell will start. The entire project is expected to be completed by mid-June 2020.