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Nieuws - 28 October, 2019

A steel structure contributing to clean rivers

The first project of Ocean Cleanup, the company of Boyan Slat, is known all over the world. ‘System 001’ is situated in the Great Pacific, between California and Hawaii, where it is collecting plastic debris. The objective of the new project, launched last Saturday, is to tackle the problem of the plastic soup closer to the core.

The Interceptor


Therefore, the company has developed a system which filters waste out of large rivers. It consists of a pontoon with a steel cover on top, under which containers are situated. The pontoon has a barrier which concentrates the waste. It is then carried up a conveyor belt to an automated shuttle which distributes the waste into one of the six containers on a barge. The solar panels mounted on the cover supply the electricity needed.

Specialist work

At the request of TME B.V., an engineering and machine construction company, Voortman Steel Construction participated in the construction of the steel cover. The production of this unique steel structure, with a 20 metres length and 8 metres width, demanded specialist welding. The construction is provided with a four-layer coating to withstand weather and water influences. Voortman was very pleased to be part of this project, because of its technical challenges and unique destination.