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Nieuws - 10 September, 2019

Car park at distribution centre Jumbo Nieuwegein

In cooperation with EZ Park and construction company Van de Ven, Voortman Steel Construction builds a new parking garage on the site of the national distribution centre of the Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo in Nieuwegein. The car park has a capacity of 1,277 parking spaces for cars and 29 for motors, distributed over four storeys (ground level and three floors).

Integral solution

Voortman Steel Construction supplies an integral solution for this parking garage. The supply and mounting of the steel structure, TT floor elements, staircases and fencing and the design of the façade are thoroughly coordinated, which results in an effective cooperation between the parties involved. This approach generates a synergy advantage for our customers and, which is just as important, prevents unpleasant surprises on the building site.

The strength of cooperation 

EZ Park and Voortman Steel Construction build modular above-ground car parks together. The two parties share their knowledge and expertise in a joint construction process. This does not only result in custom-made advice for the customer, but also in a fast development process and short construction time.

Interested in our car parks?

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Video EZ Park