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Nieuws - 24 January, 2019

Special renovation project by Voortman Steel Construction

Voortman Steel Construction started on a special renovation project at the end of 2018 on behalf of Marnixsign. What is special about this project is that we are not just renovating office space for Marnixsign but we are building a complete level on top.  This requires a creative approach.


The design of the office space has been created by an architect who is engaged by Marnixsign. After the design a team of five enthusiasts from Voortman Steel Construction is involved in the project. They take care of all the preparations needed for implementation of the project and order the materials.

Because the office is already partly in place this project requires a different, more creative approach. The new section has to be linked to the existing offices. This means an inventive piece of engineering with the installation of new foundations and watertight connection of the new part to the old part. What’s more, we have to break through into the existing premises. This makes this project a real ‘brainteaser’.


The demolition work has been done and the foundations are in place. We can start work on making and erecting the steel construction. We anticipate completion at the end of March 2019.