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Nieuws - 27 July, 2018

Unique cooperation during the construction of Eqin head office

A construction company and a steel construction company together setting up a construction consortium (vof/general partnership) this was scarcely conceivable just a few years ago. Construction company Van Wijnen and Voortman Steel Construction took on this challenge for the construction of the head office of EQIN. Together with co-makers Forteck and Klein Poelhuis, construction consortium Van Wijnen - Voortman VOF is handling the entire execution of the project.


With the same end goal in sight, Van Wijnen and Voortman share knowledge and information to ensure a process that is as transparent and efficient as possible. We spread the risks and deploy our own expertise right from the design phase. Voortman supplied the drawings for the design of the building and interior layout. As lead designer, Voortman optimised the design, partly based on the knowledge of construction of Van Wijnen. Architectural elements are perfectly aligned with the main supporting structure and vice versa. The parties also selected the suppliers for the project in consultation. The result of the cooperation is a streamlined process in development and execution and a satisfied client. Consequently, a win-win situation for all parties concerned.


The construction of the EQIN head office in the Botlek Rotterdam started in April. In addition, EQIN is merging its sales warehouse and rentals warehouse, which are being renovated. Voortman is also realising a package of services for this project:

  • designing the business premises in discussion with the client
  • engineering the structural design
  • delivery and assembly of the steel construction
  • delivery and assembly of the roof and wall cladding
  • installation of the parapets of the building
  • installation of the fire wall between the office and hall
  • laying the floors.
  • Work on the steel construction is being completed this week. Voortman also provided the drawings for the design of the layout/interior of the new building which is scheduled to be ready in October 2018.


EQIN provides innovative total solutions via deployment of equipment and specialists. EQIN sells and leases temporary energy, air, lighting and welding installations, tools and accessories. EQIN also provides training in welding and pipe fitting.