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Nieuws - 01 December, 2017

Voortman to roll out BIM company-wide

As the first Dutch steel construction company, Voortman has joined the BIM basic ILS, an initiative of the Dutch BIM Gateway. The BIM Gateway’s goal is to stimulate the implementation of BIM (Building Information Model) within the Dutch building industry.

Key to integral cooperation

The objective of the BIM basic information supply specification is to exchange information in a structured and uniform way. The appointments made concern the exchange format, the base structure and the securing of object information. More and more parties in the building industry apply, just like Voortman, a basic information supply specification. According to the BIM Gateway, this is the key to integral cooperation in the chain, because everyone involved knows where to find information and how it should be supplied.

Guiding BIM model

Until now, mainly the calculation and engineering departments of Voortman Steel Construction made use of BIM. Voortman’s participation in the BIM basic information supply specification aligns with its objective for 2018 to implement the use of BIM company-wide. The BIM model of the steel structure will be the guiding factor for all departments. The available project information will be shared through this model for an efficient and quicker building process.

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