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Nieuws - 06 April, 2017

Reefer racks for new APM Terminal in Morocco

APM Terminals has been active in the port of Tangier, Morocco since 2007. In order to better serve future trade volumes and larger container ships, the company builds a new container terminal here. The construction has been awarded to the Belgian company Willemen Groep. Voortman Steel Construction has been appointed by Willemen Groep for the supply of the reefer racks and the reefer safety tunnels for the new terminal in Tangier.

Supply reefer racks and safety tunnels

The terminal, strategically located on the Strait of Gibraltar, will be built on a site of 53 hectares and will have a quay length of 1,200 metres. It will be the first automated container terminal in Africa. Willemen Groep is responsible for the complete construction of the terminal: the infrastructure and utilities, the construction of the 1,200 metres long crane beam for the hoisting cranes and all buildings. Voortman Steel Construction was commissioned by Willemen to supply 42 pieces of reefer racks and 44 pieces of reefer safety tunnels.

A reefer is a sea container for refrigerated goods. By means of a reefer rack the containers are easily accessible while stored in the port. A reefer safety tunnel provides the personnel of the container terminal a safe access to the reefer racks. Voortman Steel Construction will start production of the first reefer racks at the end of May.

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