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Nieuws - 24 February, 2018

The roof construction of a salt shed, an exceptional project

The assembly team of Voortman Steel Construction is currently working on the mobile roof structure of a salt shed. The salt shed, with a capacity of 60,000 m3, is being built at the E.B.S. Laurenshaven Terminal in Rotterdam (NL). The assignment was given to Voortman by TME.

Design & construct

Since it is a so called design & construct assignment, the contractor realises both design and construction. Voortman Steel Construction designed the mobile hatches in close cooperation with its principal TME. By placing the tubes in the trusses under an angle of 45°, accumulation of product on the roof parts is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, the design has been optimised for the application of the C5M coating, which complies with the highest corrosivity category.

Mobile roof construction parts

The salt shed consists of two concrete bunkers, with six mobile roof construction parts on top. Dimensions of the hatches are approx. 27 by 32 metres with a height between 5.5 and 8.5 metres. Each hatch can be moved in its entirety and can be opened separately, for efficient loading and unloading. The hatches are provided with motoric driven wheels, which ride on rails mounted on both sidewalls of the shed.

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