Durability is extremely important to us. We attach great importance to energy efficiency, water conservation and sustainable use of materials. Our models are flexible and durable designed and equipped as standard with an A + label, double glazing, Heat Recuperation installation (HR), floor heating, insulation under warehouse floor, additional roof and façade insulation and EPDM roofing. Optionally, your commercial property can be extended with an A + + label by applying solar panels, a heat pump installation and triple-glazed windows.

The models are high quality, well insulated and have little energy consumption. All materials used meet the requirements and standards and are tested by us on quality and durability.

BREEAM Certification

BREEAM is an assessment method to determine the sustainability of buildings. It contains a standard for a sustainable building and it indicates the performance level a building has. The method is used to analyse and improve buildings. With BREEAM-NL, a building is assessed on nine categories in the design phase and after delivery, including transport, waste, materials, and pollution. Points are awarded per category and on the basis of this rating a building gets a certification as pass, good, very good or excellent.

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