Specialist in renovating commercial properties

Voortman Steel Construction has fitted buildings with new roof and wall cladding for different clients throughout the Netherlands. From industrial buildings and offices to showrooms, sports centres, hardware stores, shops and garages. We are your renovation partner with a sophisticated and optimised total package. We not only replace wall cladding, roof cladding and roofing. You can also contact us for architectural adjustments like different wall partitioning or additional awnings.

For you, as the owner and/or user, the appearance of your commercial building is of great importance. A high-quality finished building offers more of a return than a less attractive property. In our showroom, we advise you on material and colour use. Your personal wishes regarding design and appearance are of course the starting point.

The use of your property may have changed relative to the point of departure during construction thereof. It is often economically feasible to combine customization of your warehouse with renovation. The possibilities include moving or expanding access doors, extra floor levels or possibly even adding an extra floor to the property.

Voortman Steel Construction has many years of experience and know-how as a project-driven organisation. Specialisation such as architectural design, permits and asbestos removal, forms part of our daily practice. Do you want to know more about this? Check out our construction process and check out our specialist fields and/or contact us.

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