Subsidised asbestos clearing?

Do your business premises, warehouses or offices have asbestos-containing roofs? And/or are your roofs a source of energy loss? Voortman Steel Construction renovates your roof and provides a safe, careful and responsible removal of the asbestos. We clear your current roof and, if required, fit new quality products. This includes roof sheeting, sandwich roof panels, skylights, solar panels and green roofs.

This renovation increases the value of your property and you are assured of a sustainable and environmentally friendly roof, because your roof is much better insulated. You score double points in asbestos clearing.

Dealing with asbestos in buildings

The asbestos currently still present in buildings date from before 1994. Before the start of renovation and/or demolition work, it must be clear whether and where there is asbestos in the building. If asbestos fibres can be released easily, for example by damage or weathering, the asbestos must be removed. Municipalities can oblige building owners to take action.

Asbestos subsidy

Do you want your commercial building, warehouse or office asbestos-free? As a company, you can make use of two tax schemes to remove asbestos.

1. Asbestos roof removal subsidy scheme
The asbestos roof removal subsidy scheme applies for the removal of asbestos roofs from 1 January 2016. The scheme applies for companies, non-profit organizations and Governments. Click here for more information.

2. Provinciale subsidieregeling verwijdering asbest
In ten provinces, companies can make use of the 'Asbestos off, solar panels on' subsidy scheme. Companies who qualify for the subsidy must replace asbestos roofs by roofs with solar panels. Click here for more information.

Voortman Steel Construction and asbestos removal

Voortman Steel Construction replaces asbestos containing roofs in the commercial construction sector with a minimum size of 500 square meters. We take care of your asbestos removal from A to Z, from the permit and subsidy application to the delivery.

Want to know more or are you curious about the cost of your asbestos removal?

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