We manage the entire renovation process from A to Z.

Voortman Steel Construction can take care of your entire renovation process: from applying for permits to the delivery of your renovated commercial building. We guarantee short preparations, fixed prices and a quick construction time.

Orientation phase

The renovation of commercial premises is often a big and important step. Architects and contractors enough to be of service to you, but what do you have to be on the lookout for? Voortman Steel Construction has thought of everything. Thanks to our many years of experience and know-how, we provide you with a total package that is based on clarity and transparency. After the request, our renovation specialists prepare an inventory of the status of your commercial building. We will also discuss the possibilities of any renovation with you.

Development phase

You know approximately what you want, but you have no idea where to start and where to end. And what does the renovation of your commercial building actually cost? We like to get going with your vision. Together, we translate your principles into a beautiful architectural design. The result is a recognisable high quality renovated building, with a matching appearance. We can also advise you about sustainability and energy conservation.

In addition, there are Government rules. We know them through and through and like to guide you in this area. This will save you time and expense. We make sure your building meets the standards and requirements of the municipality. We also take care of licensing procedures for you, so they can be completed smoothly.

Buying phase

If your renovation is clear, we draw up an appropriate planning and a purchase agreement. We also complete the necessary investigations that are required for the agreement. After you have accepted the agreement, we go all out to finalise the technical drawings further. Then we apply for the building permit/environmental permit as soon as possible. After receiving the building permit, we start with the renovation work. We guarantee short preparations, fixed prices and a quick construction time. We meet your expectations and ensure that you are not surprised.

Construction phase

Voortman Steel Construction manages the renovation process from A to Z. We renovate and take care of everything. We do this with our regular partners in the chain. Both during the preparation and during the construction, you have one fixed point of approach. Short, clear lines. All components of the building are perfectly matched in our construction system. Thus optimal use is made of the requirements and you are assured of quality.

Delivery phase

During the renovation there are various delivery phases that we take care of ourselves, in consultation with you. Any imperfections (interim-delivery points) are then already sorted out during construction. This ensures that the final delivery runs smoothly and is of the highest quality. After end delivery, we hand you all related guarantees that apply to your new business premises.

The result is a recognisable high quality building, with a matching appearance.

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