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At Voortman Steel Construction, we are convinced that sustainability creates value for the company and improves the efficiency of the work. With all products and buildings to be develop newly, we explicitly take the entire life cycle into account. We focus on how we can develop sustainable (energy and materials) and reduce the load on the environment (waste, CO2 and energy).

For us, BREEAM is not a foreign concept. BREEAM is an assessment method to determine the sustainability of buildings. It contains a standard for a sustainable building and it indicates the performance level a building has. The method is used to analyse and improve buildings. With BREEAM-NL, a building is assessed on nine categories in the design phase and after delivery, including transport, waste, materials, and pollution. Points are awarded per category and on the basis of this rating a building gets a certification as pass, good, very good or excellent.

Realised BREEAM projects

Numerous projects on which we worked, were given a BREEAM - Very Good or Excellent certification. We deliver instant added value for a good rating because we are ISO14001 certified in steel construction, conservation and roof and wall cladding.

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