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BIM, also called Building Information Modelling, obtains an ever more prominent role in non-residential building. BIM is a digital model of an existing and/or planned construction, made up of objects that are associated with information. Any construction partner can deliver and process its information in a BIM model. This reduces failure costs in the construction industry with an average of 5% to 13%. The information does not only rest with persons, but is permanently linked to the building.

As a modern steel construction company, BIM is a matter of course for us. All projects are worked out three-dimensionally by our own BIM specialists. Not only the steel parts, but if required, the complete building structure (roof and wall cladding, installations etc.). We thus acquire a complete 3D model with all the relevant information that is required for the realisation of a high-quality project. Static, detail, and energy load calculations are performed based on the 3D model.

The BIM model contains:

  • geometry
  • profile properties
  • temporary facilities in order to guarantee structural safety during the construction phase
  • connection types
  • materials

All drawings and parts lists are automatically generated from the model. In addition, the entries for the CNC machines are delivered digitally, what a guaranteed quick production time. In addition, it contains model phases that seamlessly connect to the integral project planning. In addition to the traditional construction process, chain partners are increasingly being chosen for building. We have experience in this and like to work with it.

Benefits of BIM Management

  • Reduction of failure fees
  • Better cooperation
  • Reduced construction time
  • Reduction in building costs
  • Transparency of information

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