Project-driven and ISO certified construction process

As a project driven organisation, Voortman Steel Construction directs the construction process as efficiently as possible to keep the project within the agreed schedule based to the highest quality standards. The responsible project manager supervises the entire process and involves the appropriate staff and expertise to each project. From design through to delivery all processes are matched seamlessly. In order to guarantee the quality, Voortman Steel Construction is ISO 9001 certified for the processes.


The Voortman Steel Construction calculation department has an important role to play in the process. They carefully calculate every project. The result: an optimal price/quality ratio for the customer. Thanks to BIM calculation, the IFC model is imported, converted and calculated quickly and professionally. In addition, our own constructors and engineers are looking for smart alternatives and efficient solutions where possible and desirable. This is obviously done in discussion with you, our client. Efficient coordination and financial transparency; that we find important.



During the engineering phase, all non-residential projects are worked out within our BIM Management system in CAD 3D systems such as Tekla and/or Revit. Our BIM-engineers make a complete 3D model of every project, with all relevant information required for the production and assembly. The model includes geometry, profile properties, temporary facilities in order to guarantee the structural safety during the construction phase, connection types and materials of the construction. All departments and BIM engineers work in the same model and supplement it with the required and available dates during the development and realisation. There is a very close cooperation between the calculators, engineers, constructors and the project manager. Together we lay the foundation for a high-quality and high-grade project.



With an automated machinery park of sister company Voortman Steel Machinery and our production location in the Netherlands, we have a production capacity of 30000 tons per year. The entire production process is facilitated LEAN and BIM controlled. In short: we are able to realise high-quality non-residential projects in a short time and in a flexible way.

To prove the quality of services and products, we are certified for:

  • NEN-EN 1090-1 (CE-markering), (CE marking), Execution classification EXC4
  • NEN-EN-ISO 9001
  • NEN-EN-ISO 3834-2
  • NEN-EN-ISO 14001

In addition, the steel structures are produced with the latest welding techniques under a certified quality assurance system for welding: the NEN-EN-ISO 3834-2. Thus, we meet the requirements for welding co-ordination staff with extensive knowledge (IWE level) of preparations and checks before, during and after welding.


Surface Treatment

Expertise in the field of conservation is of great importance for a qualitative and long-term protection of the steel construction. That is why we work for the surface and anti-corrosion treatments with experienced and reliable partners, who know how to harness steel with the proper treatments. They make use of the latest techniques in order to guarantee a qualitative and long-term protection according to the current environmental requirements.



Every year, many thousands of tonnes of steel leave the Voortman Steel Construction production sites. These are shipped to all corners of the world, in all shapes and sizes. Assembling the steel constructions is done by skilled, experienced and VCA Petrochemical certified installation teams. We have our own assembly teams and are thus independent of third parties. Thus we keep a grip on the quality and integrated project planning.

Good cooperation is important at all times, but especially during the installation. The project manager, job preparation and installation teams work closely together. The planning is closely monitored and the quantitative and qualitative aspects are tested on an ongoing basis. In addition to the steel construction, we also provide the roof and wall cladding. And to relieve you completely, we like to perform some additional activities as an added service.

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