Voortman Steel Construction, driven by innovation

Time and time again we are looking for new and smarter solutions. We are constantly working on developing our products, possibly in combination with other parties. With regard to the automation of our production process, we work closely with our sister company Voortman Steel Machinery, producer of machines for the steel industry.

Overview of innovations

BIM model Cost calculation

Projects engineered in a 3D model (among other Revit and Tekla), can convert our cost calculators quickly and easily into a comprehensive cost calculation. These calculations contain all information necessary for the total offer, such as dimensions, quantities, weights, etc.

Standardisation connections

To make maximum use of our production facilities, we have created an extensive database with details for the most common connections. As a result, we are able to engineer projects very quickly and apply the most economic solutions.

Hook anchor caps

To replace the traditional and labour-intensive double nut with rubber anchor cap, together with MCB Netherlands we have developed quick-screw hook anchor caps. These plastic caps allow anchors to mount on the steel mould in a snap, they make sure that the threads of the anchors are not damaged and protect the anchors while pouring concrete. For more information: www.mcb.nl.

Construction concept in corporate housing

We have developed concepts in corporate accommodation along with various suppliers. It concerns widely applicable models, developed based on customer's demand. The advantages: quality, speed and best value for money.

Traceability of steel constructions

The mandatory CE marking makes it obligatory from July 2014 to trace steel parts at every stage of the process (traceability). We guarantee the traceability during production for various execution classes by linking CADCAM software to our machinery. In addition, with the staging of a project, the BIM model gives all the information needed to manage projects professionally in accordance with the regulations.

Dimensions steel production

To measure our buildings even more accurate and more efficient, we have invested in buying the Voortman V704 marking machine. With this latest acquisition we can mark steel profiles from our BIM model on four sides.


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