Corporate Social Responsibility

QHSE policy

Quality, safety and environment are our key focus areas. They shape our mission. The QHSE policy forms an integral part of our corporate strategy.

We constantly strive for improvement on these core areas. Only in this way can we deliver the quality that our customers expect, permanently, stand for the safety of our employees and ensure that we affect the environment as little as possible through our activities.

We are convinced that sustainability creates value for the company and improves the efficiency of the work. It helps us to deepen the relationship with our customers and supply chain partners and to attract and retain talent. By taking responsibility for 'People' and 'Planet', we can meet the expectations of our stakeholders and we create value for our company in the long term ("Profit").

With all new products and buildings to be developed, we explicitly take the entire life cycle into account. We focus on how we can develop sustainable (energy and materials) and reduce the load on the environment (waste, CO2 and energy).

Think Safe – Work Safe!

QHSE Voortman Steel ConstructionSecurity and the impact of our activities on the environment: these are matters that we take very seriously and we also think about it properly. We take steps to manage the risks before we start. We have developed a special 'Think Safe – Work Safe' program. This program has a logo that represents the Voortman craftsman that feels it is important to work safely, deliver quality and with attention to the environment. This is how we work, and we do so from a positive attitude.


Voortman Steel Construction works with certified management systems. The certificates can be downloaded via the links below:

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